Troop 226


Timber Hitch

Troop 226 Knot Master Program The timber hitch is a knot used to attach a single length of rope to a piece of wood. This is an important hitch, especially for dragging a heavy object like a log .It will hold firmly so long as there is a steady...

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Clove Hitch

Troop 226 Knot Master Program The clove hitch, along with the bowline and the sheet bend, is often considered one of the most essential knots. It consists of two identical half hitches made successively around an object. It is most effective...

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Square Knot

Troop 226 Knot Master Program The Square Knot is a common and simple binding knot. It is used to connect two ropes of equal size. You can loosen the square knot easily by either pushing the ends toward the knot or by "upsetting" the knot by...

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Whip Rope

Troop 226 Knot Master Program Natural or double braided rope should be whipped on the ends with a smaller string or chord to keep the rope from unraveling. A good rule of thumb is that the whipping should be at least as long as the rope...

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