Chain Sinnet

This knot is easy and is just for fun. But it does have an actual purpose too.

You’ll be making a braided slip knot that can be used for decorative purposes as a pull, and which is sometimes found on military uniforms. It can also be used to shorten a rope for easy storage in a way that does not tangle. Some people use it for cable management, such as for long electrical extension cords in the garage, long headphone cables, etc. “Sinnet” is a nautical term for a braided cord in flat, round or square form.

The Chain Sinnet can be locked in place to keep it steady, but when you’re ready to untie it, a single pull will pop the entire knot out and straight. Amaze your friends with your knot-tying prowess!

To tie the Chain Sinnet, sometimes known as a Daisy Chain or Monkey Braid:

  1. Start with making a simple slip knot. Form a loop in the rope, and then pull a bight thru it.
  2. Reach through the hole you just created and pull another bight thru it.
  3. Continue this process until the braid is as long as you would like it.
  4. To lock the knot, take the working end of the rope and just pass it thru the last hole. When you’re ready to untie it, remove the lock and then yank both ends. The knot will immediately unravel.