Troop 226


Turk’s Head Knot

You’ve probably heard this called a Woggle, and might even be wearing one right now as your neckerchief slide. They’re great for that, and have been used as slides by Scouts for a long time.

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Palomar Knot

The Palomar Knot is another very widely-used fishing knot. It works for monofilament as well as braided line at all line strengths. The Palomar is great for tying a leader to a line. This knot is a requirement of the Fishing merit badge.

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Improved Clinch Knot

This is one of the most widely-used fishing knots. It is a requirement of the Fishing and Fly Fishing merit badges.

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Carrick Bend

This is a secure knot that can be used to tie two ropes together, particularly if they are larger, heavier sized ropes. Because it is pleasing to the eye when tied, it is often used as a decorative knot as well. The Carrick Bend is required for the Pioneering merit badge.

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Farrimond Friction Hitch

This is a quick-release hitch that is related to the Prusik, but made from a single line instead of two. It makes a good knot for a tent ridgeline or a clothesline where you need to establish and adjust tension.

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