Troop 226


Rolling Hitch

Troop 226 Knot Master Program The rolling hitch (or Magnus hitch) is a knot used to attach a rope to a rod, pole, or other rope. A simple friction hitch, it is used for lengthwise pull along an object rather than at right angles. The rolling...

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Trucker’s Hitch

Troop 226 Knot Master Program Tie off one end of rope. Tie a slippery half hitch in the middle of the line to form a small loop. With free end, make a half turn around a fitting and bring the free end back up to the loop. Feed through and pull...

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Marline Hitch

Troop 226 Knot Master Program This hitch is very practical to lash long objects. The working end needs only one tug and will not slip easy. Before the "zip tie" this hitch was used by electrical engineers to tie...

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Fisherman’s Knot

Troop 226 Knot Master Program The fisherman's knot is a specialized bend. It consists of two overhand knots wrapped around each other. It requires little dexterity to tie, so is often used in stubborn materials. When tightened, it becomes fairly...

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