Troop 226


Constrictor Knot

Troop 226 Knot Master Program This is a useful knot to tie up loose material or ends of bags. Simple to tie, it grips itself and will not work loose. Also known as the Miller's Knot or the Bag Knot.

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Tiller’s Hitch

Troop 226 Knot Master Program A Tiller’s Hitch is used to easily tie something down using one or two ropes and still be able to quickly untie it. It is basically a sheet bend with a slip knot.

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Sheepshank Knot

Troop 226 Knot Master Program The sheepshank knot is used to shorten a rope that is fastened at both ends. Take up the slack. Make an underhand loop, slide it over the bight, and pull tight. Do the same to the other end to complete the knot. The...

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Prusik Knot

Troop 226 Knot Master Program The Prusik knot secures a loop of smaller rope or accessory cord to a climbing rope in such a way that it can be slid along the rope, but when it is loaded will bend the rope and hold securely. The knot is commonly...

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Bowline on a Bight

Troop 226 Knot Master Program The bowline on a bight forms two loops. Start by making a good-size bight and an overhand loop, and bring the end up through the loop. Open the end loop and bring it down and around the entire knot. Set the knot...

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