Tripod Lashing

The tripod lashing is a sheer lashing that binds three poles together at the same point. The tripod lashing gets it name from the fact that its most common use is the construction of a tripod. The tripod lashing can be used just about any wherein a structure that three poles cross each other at the same point and the same time in the sequence of construction. Tripod lashing takes two main forms; with racked wrapping turns (the rope is woven between the poles) and with plain wrapping turns (the rope is wrapped around the poles without weaving the rope between the poles). When the lashing is made with racking turns the rope contacts each pole around its entire circumference; this contact makes the tripod lashing with racking turns the most secure form of tripod lashing: therefore tripod lashing with racking turns should be used when safety is important. However, for light structures where there would be no danger if the lashing slipped, the faster to tie tripod lashing with plain wrapping turns may be used.