Carrying Knot

The carrying knot is designed as a method to attach a five foot segment of rope to a ‘D’ Ring and carry the rope on your side attached to a belt loop or some other similar loop on your clothing or gear. Its appearance is similar to that on a noose however the section of rope that would pull the loop closed is folded back under the rope coil, thus prohibiting the loop to close. You can easily identify if the knot has been tied correctly by observing that one of the end pieces located at the loop end of the knot.

The knot is started by forming two loops around the end of your hand.

Next, hold the two loops in one hand with both rope ends exposed. Start wrapping the long end of the rope around the rope loops in your hand.

Continue wrapping the long end around the rope loops working your way towards the other end.

Continue wrapping the long end until you have about one inch of rope remaining.

Pass the end of the rope through the two loops.

Holding the entire knot in one hand, grasp one side of the single loop and pull it to tighten one of the two loops at the other end.

Grasp the other side of the single loop and pull it to tighten remaining loop at the other end.

This completes the Carrying Knot.