Troop 226

Expert Knots

One Handed Bowline

Troop 226 Knot Master Program The one handed bowline is used for the same purpose as the bowline but is made so that you may tie it with one hand. Start by raping the rope around yourself ones. Take the rope with your healthy hand and curl your...

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Butterfly Knot

Troop 226 Knot Master Program A butterfly knot is a fixed loop tied in the middle of a rope. There are a number of other knots that do the same thing, but the butterfly knot tends to work better because it doesn’t jam when strained and it’s easy...

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Mooring Hitch

Troop 226 Knot Master Program The mooring hitch is a more secure knot than the better known (and easier to tie) slippery hitch. This knot holds fast while under tension yet can be released quickly with a tug on the free end. Despite its name,...

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Hunter’s Bend

Troop 226 Knot Master Program The hunter's bend is a fairly simple knot that is used to tie two lines together. First, place the running end under the standing part to form a loop. Second, thread the 2nd running end under the 1st standing part...

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Buntline Hitch

Troop 226 Knot Master Program The buntline hitch is a knot used for attaching a rope to an object. It is formed by passing the working end around an object, then making a clove hitch around the rope's standing part, taking care that the turns of...

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